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Regis 300x300cm Squ Cantilever in O’Bravia Fabric

Premium quality Shelta branded Side Post / cantilever umbrella offering 9.0 square metres of unobstructed cover while under its canopy.

High Quality canopy made from UV resistant obravia High Performance fabric


  • Charcoal Ridge

Features also include;

  • A side horizontal/Side Axis winder to control canopy horizontal tilt to 75 Degrees on either side to block out even more direct sun
  • completely variable vertical mast axis tilt to 60 degrees with hand twist lock.
  • wind-up opening/closing of canopy.
  • easy 360 degree mast rotation of umbrella with foot lock control.
  • LED central hub light mount.
  • spring loaded, adjusting canopy tensioning fingers to reduce wear & tear on canopy fixing points.
  • steel framed ballast base included.
  • Protective umbrella cover included.
  • *Wind rated to 40KPH (*see fact sheet for important information)
  • Main mast is 90x65mm with height of 237cm with canopy head clearance of 194cm
  • Weighted Base is additional to the unit, some minor aaembly required
Price: 1599.00 AUD
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