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We offer delivery all over Victoria, shipping out of State and overseas is also available.

We deliver all over Victoria using our own vehicles or contractors, we also now deliver into Tasmania ourselves if customers can be flexible in their delivery times.

Assembly is available in many situations subject to an additional charge. We can arrange made to measure Stainless Steel furniture, this will take 6-12 weeks depending on the time of year.

Cushions for Timber and Aluminium furniture are standard items. However we can get made to measure cushions for that non standard item with manufacture taking from 3-6 weeks in most cases, a range of materials are available to choose from.

We are being asked regularly to visit homes and provide suggestions in making that outdoor living area a little more special, we are happy to do so subject to time and have to charge a nominal fee for this visit that will be refundable against your order of furniture from us.


All our products have been designed and manufactured from quality materials and workmanship, with care and attention to detail.
You owe a duty of care in looking after your outdoor furniture.

Australia has the most severe Ultra Violet light rays in the world, and as this U.V. light is the major cause of outside environmental damage to your furniture, to keep your furniture beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend that when not in use, furniture should be appropriately covered or stored away from the sun. Heavy duty protective covers are available from our stores.

Given the exclusions below, our suppliers will repair or replace at their determination, items or parts which fail within the periods below from the date of purchase. The suppliers reserve the right to substitute with a similar items, or an alternate product, should the colour or model in question be no longer available. Replacement will be for the failed item only and not for a complete setting if these circumstances occur.

A valid and dated receipt must be produced for any warranty claim. The item must be returned to the place of purchase. Warranty does not apply to commercial applications unless commercial products have been provided and please note that any departure from our recommendations on care and cleaning, or any evidence of misuse or damage from wear and tear, will void all claims.

Retain your warranty cards for reference, warranty claim items need to returned to one of our shops for inspection, if a replacement is offered, the item is also to be collected from one of our shops by arrangement.

The manufacturers warranty term is final, any representation by staff that differs from the warranty of the manufacturer is invalid.



Aluminium outdoor furniture has many advantages.

  • Lightweight
  • Rust Free
  • Strong
  • UV Stabilised Fabrics
  • Powder Coated
  • Between 3 and 5 year warranties
  • Chairs in most cases are ready to use with very little maintenance and no assembly
  • Tables require minimal assembly
  • Stackable

    Paint powder coating warranty is for 1 year and covers paint fading, peeling and or discolouration. Please note, this warranty does not cover scratching of the painted surface. Periodic washing of chairs and tables with either soapy water or a car wash and wax product, will help protect and remove harmful contaminants from the painted surfaces.

    Sling chair Text mesh fabric inserts are warranted for 1 year against colour fading and degradation.

  • Cast Aluminium chairs and tables normally have a 5 year structural warranty, with paint etc as above
  • Glass Table Tops have a 12 Month warranty
  • This does not cover acts of misuse, neglect or accident, including incorrect umbrella installation and use. (i.e. when mounting umbrella in table hole, ensure the umbrella is anchored correctly with the right sized base and ensure umbrella is not left up unattended or used in windy conditions. Even closed umbrellas should be removed from tables when not in use).

  • When moving the tables do not drag but lift tables. Dragging can cause stress and possible breakage of glass. Also avoid scratching, striking and placing heavy weighted items on table top as well as extremely hot items directly on to the glass surface. Even thought the glass used is toughened or tempered glass which increases the strength greatly, when glass breakage occurs, Tempered Glass breaks into relatively small granules, but care must still be taken when this happens in removing the glass fragments from the ground and surrounding areas and surfaces.

  • If you live near the sea you must hose down your furniture at least every 4 months as corrosion or pitting can occur from salt


Resin Wicker

Our range of UV stabilised resin wicker will provide many years of satisfaction, we use only the best Polyethylene's predominantly manufactured by Rehau, Viro and Wintex (synthetic or resin wicker are the most popular names used for this product) and have warranties against fading and defects of between 3 and 5 years, the resin is all a minimum of 3000 hours UV stabilisation, and if we lived in the northern hemisphere this would not fade for well over 15 years, but we do not, with the holes in the ozone etc.,  sunlight here is extremely harsh so please check the warranties in store or call us, there is a lot of dis-information around this product and we have sold PE for over 11 years and have a great extent of knowledge of this popular product To extend the life of resin wicker (double the life at least) we suggest a cover should be put over the furniture when not in use


Stone and Travertine

Our stone tables are made of Travertine and or Marble, being mainly mined from quarries in Asia and Europe.

Travertine Stone is formed from geothermal springs. Rich deposits of aged, dried and hardened stone were first mined by the Romans for building. The largest of these buildings constructed from travertine is the Colosseum in Rome, as well as famous buildings throughout the world

The stone is characterised by pitted holes and troughs in its surface, thus filling is usually needed to smooth the surface. All our tables have been filled with some epoxy filler.

Marble Stone is a changed form of limestone. It too has been mined for centuries as a building material.

Both stones are used in our tables as they are inherently strong, stable and hard wearing. Both stones, by their nature, can also be highly polished to help highlight their colour variations as well as helping to seal their surfaces.

If used internally the tables may appear to have not been sealed sufficiently when sunlight occasionally catches the surface, this is not the case but the fact that the stone used in making the table would have come from many locations, the porousness of the stone would vary and the sealer reacts differently to its porous ability.

Stone is a natural product and will change and age in time which is all part of the beauty of our tables. Over time the stone will fade in colour, staining of the surface may appear and surface cracks if not already visible at time of purchase may also appear.

These are not faults of the product but only part of the ageing process. Our Stone tables are structurally unconditionally guaranteed for 3 years.

As the stone is adhered to a metal table top base, small cracks do not affect the structure of the table.

With a little bit of maintenance - cleaning of your table as well as re-sealing it after a period of time - (to test, pour a small amount of water onto the table and see if the water still beads), your table will still be looking great in years to come.

Since any stone table is susceptible to staining, it is advisable to clean any spills straight away, especially acid based liquids and foods such as wine and coffee. If staining does occur, you can go to www.aquamix. and then to "Problem Solver" area and choose the correct cleaning solution which should fix your problem.

Please note, staining of table tops are not covered by our warranties.

NEVER use abrasive or acid based products to clean and always rinse with water and dry.

As our tables are factory sealed with Aquamix sealers and enhancers, we recommend www.aquamix. to keep preserving the beauty and durability of your stone table with their range of sealers and cleaners. Without a sealer, stone will stain almost instantly. Sealers, although not impenetrable, work by providing reaction time to enable you to remove the contaminant. We use and recommend Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold. Rejuvenating faded stone with an enhancing Sealer will help bring back the stones original colours.

Last but not least, all our tables are handmade. Thus no table is the same, no stone piece, the same.
You truly have a beautiful and unique product, timeless and ageless, that will stand the test of time.


Timber (wooden Furniture)

Most Wooden furniture comes with a minimum of 3 years warranty, please follow the manufacturers guidelines enclosed in the packaging, wood will last a long time if the guidelines are followed. Where possible we use only wood from sustainable forests that have a regeneration program in place.

Over time the wooden furniture must be checked and tightened as moisture will have impact on its stability, if unsure please ask at our shops for more information.


Recycled Wood (Teak)

The warranty applied s from the date of purchase with a 3 year structural and against defects in manufacturing.

Please note, this warranty does not cover small holes, (from nails) small imperfections and discolourations in the timber as well as small amounts of surface checking (cracking). Other larger imperfections are reworked (larger holes are patched with timber plugs). These imperfections make each piece unique and give the furniture the charm and character only found with recycled /reclaimed timber. Some of this timber can be over 200 years old. If plugs become loose over time simple re fixing is required.

Teak will naturally age to an attractive silver grey colour, and for many is the appeal of this product. If you want to keep the original colour of the furniture, we recommended Teak oil for outdoor use, this will help maintain it close to the original (honey) colour. Sanding back of the timber surface to fresh new timber will bring back the original colours of the timber and when combined with oiling, help maintain the original colour of the timber.

With recycled timber every table is unique.



The warranty applies to all steel chairs and tables for 1 year from the date of purchase for structural and manufacturing faults and defects. (Excluding rusting)

Please note, as these items are all prone to rust, all painted steel products which are exposed to weather and water situations are sold with the understanding that they may rust and that such rusting is a natural phenomenon which does not in any way affect the structural or lasting qualities of the item, thus items showing signs of rust will not be replaced within the warranty period.

Steel is used to either keep costs down in manufacture, to provide strength where the design is inappropriate for using Aluminium, so Steel is a good product for outdoor use, but it needs looking after,

All Steel is powder coated  but it will still rust, we recommend using a rust inhibitor that can be purchased at hardware shops to maintain the looks and life of the products. If rusting has already occurred there are products that can be used again to counter the problem.

If you reside near the sea, greater care must be taken as salt in the air increases the rusting process.

Given the exclusions below, our suppliers will repair or replace at their option, items or parts which fail within the periods below from the date of purchase. The suppliers reserve the right to substitute similar items should the colour or model in question be no longer available. Replacement will be for the failed item only and not for a complete setting if these circumstances occur.


Chairs that have a Text mesh fabric covering the seat and back is warranted for 2 years against colour fading and degradation.

Cushions/Slings/Padded Slings

We recommend all cushions are put away when not in use to prolong the life of the fabric. All fabrics are UV stabilised to reduce fading but are not covered under the warranty. Always wait until cushions are completely dry before putting away. The polyester fill in the cushions and padded Slings will not absorb water and is mildew resistant, it provides excellent shape management, durability and comfort.

Warranty/Returns (Important Points)

A DATED RECEIPT must be produced for any warranty claim. The item must be returned to the place of purchase. Warranty does not apply to commercial applications and please note that any departure from our recommendations on care and cleaning, or any evidence of misuse or damage from wear and tear, will void all claims.

The warranty covers manufacturing faults or defects only. Cushions and slings are covered for one year only unless stated. Proof of purchase is required for any claims. Not included are Glass table tops, fading (unless stated) or misuse of the product. If this product is used for a commercial purpose the warranty is void (except when commercial grade furniture is used) Any item taken or delivered must be inspected within 48 hours to ensure the item is in good order. Where goods are faulty or damaged they must be returned to our shops, we are not responsible for collecting faulty items, if we have to arrange a collection this will be chargeable. Claims after 48 hours will be at our discretion. This does not in any way impact on your warranty or legal rights. All packing should be retained by the customer in the case of damage in transit. If packaging is not available this will void any claim.


We offer layby in most cases (check the price ticket or ask a member of staff if a product cannot be placed on layby) so items do not need to be stored by you. Layby is normally for upto 3 Months. Any longer time that has not been approved by us will incur storage fees of $35 per Cubic Metre per month.

Should you require longer please contact the stores to discuss, if items are not collected or delivered within that period we have the right to cancel the layby and sell the item.

Laybys that are cancelled by you after 14 days will lose the 10% deposit of the invoice value.

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